Villa Fa, location de prestige à Porto Pollo, en Corse du Sud


The rental of Villa Fa has 3 bedrooms, located on the ground floor. The master bedroom (or master bedroom) faces the pool.

All rooms are individually air-conditioned, and all feature an independent TV.

The rooms are equipped with beds in 180 cm (king size bed) but can also be modulated in single beds in 90 cm.

Two bathrooms are available for the 3 bedrooms (note the presence of a third bathroom on the level of the gym).

Access to the swimming pool is then done directly, as for the gym and the sauna.

They are all equipped with private bathroom and separate toilet.
According rooms, traditional baths, a round bathtub or walk-in showers will be proposed.

Access to the pool is then directly, like the gym and sauna.

Some pictures
villa fa salon gateau
Villa Fa relax piscine
Villa Fa chambre famille 01
VILLA FA piscine valinco
Villa Fa piscine