Villa Fa, location de prestige à Porto Pollo, en Corse du Sud
The villa

The villa Fa , luxury houses for rent in Porto Pollo - 13/01/2015

Situated in Serra di Ferro, in souh of Corsica , the villa faces the famous Gulf of Valinco. This beautiful house for rent offers its guests a...

Outsides - 07/11/2014

Villa Fa is largely outward facing. Facing the sea, it offers a unique panorama on the gulf of Valinco from the peninsula of Porto Pollo where it is...

Living room - 05/11/2014

True heart of the apartment, the living room is a beautiful and large room totally turned towards the terrace and the swimming pool and of course the...

Rooms - 05/11/2014

The rental of Villa Fa has 3 bedrooms, located on the ground floor. The master bedroom (or master bedroom) faces the pool. All rooms are...

The house - 05/11/2014

The villa FA is a beautiful house of granite, located on the wild aera of the peninsula of Porto Pollo. Facing the sea, this villa of 3 rooms will...

Some pictures
Villa Fa chambre famille 01
VILLA FA piscine valinco
villa fa salon gateau
Villa Fa detail piscine
Villa Fa, la cuisine
Villa Fa, piscine et mer