Villa Fa, location de prestige à Porto Pollo, en Corse du Sud

The villa Fa , luxury houses for rent in Porto Pollo

Situated in Serra di Ferro, in souh of Corsica , the villa faces the famous Gulf of Valinco.
This beautiful house for rent offers its guests a splendid holiday place , between the calm of the peninsula and the small seaside resort of Porto Pollo .

The flat offers nearly 150 m², a swimming pool facing the sea , living spaces more pleasant to enjoy as much of the interior, cozy , air-conditioned and outside .
At the heart of the peninsula, the house is set in a vast original garden for the pleasure of playing Robinson, while maintaining a level of comfort of the highest standard .

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Some pictures
Villa Fa detail piscine
villa fa salon gateau
Villa Fa piscine
Villa Fa, la cuisine
Villa Fa chambre famille 01